Replying to comment by S. Baddin on D.R. Martin: Streets of Duluth: 1968-1971.

S. Baddin

Growing up in Duluth I was very familiar with the man standing in front of the Medical Arts Blvd in 1970. He was one of many downtown Duluth "characters" remembered because of his size. I am almost sure his last name was Anderson and I believe he worked for years selling papers for the Tribune and Herald downtown on Superior and First Streets. He may have worked as a clean up guy for the barbers in the Medical Arts building but memory is a tricky thing.

Have been looking for years for a pre 1960s photo of Mesaba Avenue from First Street on up before they built the main fire hall. No luck. I returned to Duluth from LA in 1969 and remained for 2/1/2 years so your photos have great sentimental meaning to me.

Best Wishes

Sanford S. Baddin

North Hollywood, CA.

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