Replying to comment by David Murray on 4 Reasons Why Film Photography Is Just Plain Stupid.

David Murray

Five points against film?

1. Dead people have probably used the gear! It is the living we should fear not the departed.

2. Constant dread that film will go away! Leica recently brought out a film body, the M-A, and they enclose a roll of Tri-X with each one. They don't think it is going away.

3. What crap.

4. All those assault charges. In 1981, in Sheffield, a youth tried to grab my Nikkormat and 50mm F1.8 Nikkor. I clouted him in the face with it and he ran off howling.

5. Checkmate! No. Long live film and film cameras. Nikon F/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6 & Canon F1/F1n/F1N et al and Leicas M1-M7 plus MD/MDa/MD2 and all the screwmount cameras not to mention the glorious Leicaflexes (all 3 varieties) and R3-R9 and more OMs, Minoltas, Contaxes, Yashicas, Zenits, Rollies, Hasselblads etc. Long may their shutters click.

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