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Cool to see a bit of you out in the field- you’re fast with that camera, damn fast. You’re faster with that manual-focus, manual-advance, manual-exposure camera than most DSLR shooters! Goes to show how much further technique goes than technology.

I totally agree about the advantage of larger formats, even at screen-sized images. Having shot formats from Micro-4/3rds digital (teeny 13x18mm sensor) up to that very same wood 8″x10″ camera Kip uses in the video and quite literally everything in between, I can tell the difference as soon as I pull up an image in my computer. Larger formats can offer a much shallower depth-of-field to isolate subjects, a quality of defocused areas and a smoothness of transition between light and dark tones that’s quite striking. It’s certainly not a look that can be replicated with small-format digital. I suppose that an excellent 24x36mm Film or Digital system with the very fastest lenses might offer similar depth-of-field and tonality but the 7000$ for a D3x might be better spent on a 4×5 or 8×10 system and a good scanner!

Kip, glad you got the shout-out from PBS- keep the LF goodness going. Maybe an 11×14 camera next? I enjoy keeping up with your photos on this blog but I miss geeking out about old cameras in person! Cheers!

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