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I was out shooting a few years ago and I did shoot a couple minors, parents, everyone that looked interesting. Shortly after 5 police cars pulled me over. They took my child out of my car and questioned her about who I was and what I was doing. I offered to show the cop the images and he said “No that’s okay, I don’t need to see them.” So why stop me? I suspect they would raid my house at 2AM and take every camera/computer. Anyway, I made him look at the images and it was clear that my intentions were good and they few photos of minors showed the love between them and their parents. I was released, but told not to take photos again in the city.

Few years before this, I was beaten for photographing what appeared to be a normal arrest (No Rodney King action – until they hit me) They took my camera and destroyed the film. But they were too stupid to know that I had a second RF in my pocket with a 50mm lens – which was the one that had all the images of them. I had just switched cameras to the RF with a 35mm wide and fresh roll of film.

Even if you are 100% right, legal they can beat you and say you did it. It happens ALL THE TIME….
“In 2011, Manny Garcia was arrested by a police officer in Wheaton, Maryland. According to Garcia, after he began taking pictures of a police incident across the street, one of the officers grabbed him by the neck, struck him, slammed his head onto a police car, and removed the memory chip from his camera. Garcia was charged with disorderly conduct and the police report claimed that he “threw himself to the ground, attempting to injure himself.” He was acquitted of the charge several months later. His White House press credentials were not renewed because of the outstanding charge, but were renewed after the acquittal. Garcia is considering a civil rights lawsuit against the police.[7]”

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