Large Format Press Cameras

When I use the term Press Camera I am using it to indicate the various large and medium format folding cameras which were popular with press photographers during the mid part of the 20th century. You’ve seen them in all sorts of old news footage and hundreds movies set in the 1940s. The press camera is typically depicted with a big flashbulb and used by a man in a fedora.

Speed Graphic in the movie "Raging Bull"

My Own Press Camera Use

In 2002 I purchased by first press camera, a Burke & James 4×5 Press, and fell in love with the style of camera. The Burke & James was a nice simple press camera. I shot with it for a year and a half until I broke its back on memorial day 2004. Instead of looking for replacement parts to repair the B&J, I ended up buying a 4×5 Anniversary Speed Graphic to replace it.

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Reproduction of the Burke & James Press Camera user manual, and some useful tips about freelancing by Weegee the Famous.

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Graflex Camera ad. c. 1950