Olympus Trip 35

Two Olympus Trip 35s

The Olympus Trip 35 on the left was given to my mother as a wedding present back in the sixties. She eventually gave it to me, and I tricked it out with a new covering from cameraleather.com. Yes, I know the new covering cost as much as I can get the camera for, but this one has sentimental value.

The black Olympus Trip 35 on the right I purchased because I wanted to be invisible.

If you are looking for a chic, retro looking point & shoot camera, and are limited to a budget of about $25, the Olympus Trip 35 is a real solid choice. Optics are great from what I’ve seen in the images I’ve taken with mine, they’re light weight, and did I mention they’re cheap?

If you really want to get hardcore with your Olympus Trip 35, it is always possible to dig inside it any lock the shutter speed at 1/200th so that it can be used in full manual mode.