Wehman 8x10

The Wehman 8x10 is the large format camera that I've been using since December 2013. Purchased it due to the lighter weight than the Deardorff V8 that I was using and don't regret it one bit.

When I got the camera, the first thing I did was swap out the stock ground glass for the Steve Hopf ground glass that I had been using in my Deardorff. Then I had a little accident in the summer of 2015 which resulted in that ground glass getting smashed. I swapped back to the stock ground glass and took about one or two photos with the camera. That was all it took to make ording a replacement ground glass from Steve was a no brainer. They are that much nicer.


So I've been experimenting with video production again and am trying to grow my YouTube channel with some photography related videos. I'd appreciate it if you hit the button below to subscribe!