Image Use Policy

All the photographs which appear throughout the galleries of this website are copyright Kip Praslowicz. The following text outlines the conditions of how you may use my photographs.


Love a photograph of mine and want to talk about it on your blog? Grab it and go.

Think something I’ve posted is the worst thing ever and you want to openly make fun of/criticize it on your blog? Post it and share your thoughts! I’m glad to have moved you enough to want to openly hate it.

Writing a post about how green plastic sleds feel faster then red plastic sleds, and you wish to use my photo Green Sled in the body of the content to break up the text? Have at it.

Not only do I approve of you using my photographs within the content of your blog and website, I actually encourage it! Hotlink off my site if you must, but feel free to host the image yourself, and/or scale it to whatever size you need to fit within the body of your post. Just keep a clickable link back to my site in an easy to find place in the content, and dear God don't put you own ugly watermark or URL on the picture.

I’m a strong believer in fair use, so as long as you aren’t passing my work off as your own, or selling terrible reproductions without me knowing, I’m cool with the use. You don’t even need to ask in advance, just make sure that attribution is made in the form of a link back to this site.

If you need any more examples — here, here, and here are a few previous uses of my images where I wasn’t asked for permission beforehand. They’re all A-OK in my book.

My one exception is if your post is a list of photos that uses the words Stunning, Jaw-Dropping or Breath-Taking in the title to describe them. Try to come up with some new adjectives please.

Web Forums

Same as above.

Tumblr, Pinterest, etc..

Stop reading and go share my damned photos for Pete’s sake. Just don’t forget to credit my website.

As a design element in your company’s web site

If one of your products happens to be featured in the image I might consider it. Otherwise I’m uncomfortable with my art being used to sell your products. If you really must have it, throw a cash offer at me and see if it sticks.

For your arts based print magazine.

Sweet! Let me know the details so I can get you some good images at printable resolution.

For publication in your for-profit magazine or project as an editorial project.

Again, contact me with the specifics. Don’t try to pull that We can’t pay, but you’ll get great exposure! line either unless you've build some good rapport with me in the past. K?