Cat Facebook

Cat Facebook is probably full of boomer cats sharing jpegs bitching about this current generation with their grain-free diets and how they waste all their time chasing those high tech laser pointers. They're probably all like "Why can't they just bat around a REAL ball of yarn and just lap up cream until they shit themselves like we used to?"

EDM Bird Cyborg

Every time I hear some bird that sounds like a weird EDM Bird Cyborg it ends up being a Northern Cardinal.

Dream Camera

I had a dream last night I took some guy to the cleaners playing poker and he offered to cover his loss by giving me a 6x6 TLR that had an electronic zoom lens. But I rejected it becuase the thing took 620 film and I didn't want to deal with respooling.

Asshole Design

The popup that says the asterisk in the password is ok hides the actual validation that lets me know it is not.

Asshole Design


God bless whoever got the mute button added to Gas Station TV.

Well, I sure started this week off on the wrong foot. My mind wandered and thought about the Game of Thrones finale while driving into work today.


Has anyone ever considered making a band that only covers Blink-182 songs, except changes the songs to be about living in Northern Minnesota and then calling that band Blink-218?

The prologue to Minnesotans never eating the last piece of shared food is no one being brave enough to take the first piece of shared food that wasn't opened by the person who provided it.


You know it is officially the Holiday season because everything on MPR is sponsored by Pajamagrams.

Literally Died

College Girl (overheard): "I literally died,..."

Internal Dialog: "OMG. No you didn't. You're right there and very much alive."

CG (Continuing): "I mean, I haven't died in over a month."

ID: "What? Do kids these days keep tabs on how long they go between being embarrassed? Is this some D&D talk? WHAT IS HAPPENING I FEEL OLD AND CONFUSED."

CG (Holding Hair): "I think I'll dye it brown next time."

ID: "I hate words."

Cat Puke Alarm

Why do emergency alarms have such a shrill, startling tone when the gentle sound of a cat about to puke on your bed is just as effective at getting your attention?

Fat Darkroom Cat

I don't remember where I originally sourced this image from, but I can never easily find it by searching for "fat darkroom cat" so I'm going to put is here with "fat darkroom cat" all over the page so the next time I need it I can hoepfully just search "fat darkroom cat" and find it.

Fat Darkroom Cat


I think that Exercise is only my most memorable commonly misspelled word because I always misspell it about four different ways until spell check can even offer the correct spelling as a suggestion.

Age Of Empires 2: Tool

I had a dream last night I was at a college party and I told someone that I thought the first 90 seconds of the new Tool album would fit in great on the soundtrack of a remastered Age of Empires 2. That person, without saying a word, then walked up to me and slapped me across the face.

Cooking with Marcel Marceau

Last night I had a dream that I found an old breakfast cookbook by Marcel Marceau, but it was all just variations of just cooking a single egg topped with red wine.

Fast Food Time Machine

If I were ever given access to a time machine I'm sure I'd do something stupid like go back to the early 80s to affirm my belief that the fast-food was better. Or go try the original blue ribbon winning Pabst to see what it was really all about.

Why Adorama? Why?


A new low in the musiuse of caling 120 film 120mm film; Adorama has labelled 4x5 sheet film as 120mm.

Stop Sign

I was going to judge that guy for blowing through a stop sign, but then I realized since he was going to wrong way on a one-way, he didn't actually have a stop sign facing him, so I guess it's cool?

Jack Dawson Was From Wisconsin

The first time I saw Titanic was in a movie theater in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Something I'll never forget how loud the entire theater cheered and applauded every time Jack mentioned he was from Wisconsin.

Game of Thrones Finale

Part of me kind of wants the Game of Thrones finale to be laugh out loud Dexter levels of bad if it isn't absolutely amazing. Ends with Daenerys moving to a new forested continent and growing out a beard to live a secret life as a lumberjack or something.

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