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Photographic Waiting Period

A long time ago I also thought it would be an interesting discipline to force myself to make everything I post on my website to have aged 5+ years. Though back then I didn't have a large enough backlog of work to pull this off without waiting forever.

I think it around March 2010 was when I switched from shooting Black & white film to color for my day to day random photographing. I have minimal interest in revisiting my old black & white stuff, but now I'm sitting on a sizeable backlog of color and wondering if I should enact the plan?

Angry Twitter

I love "TWITTER IS ANGRY" round up drama posts where every angry tweet featured only has two likes.

Space Pizzas

I had a dream last night that SpaceX tech had gotten far enough that I could use reusable rockets for pizza delivery. Shoot an uncooked pizza into space, and then the reentry vessel would detach and use the heat from reentry to cook the pizza. Hot and fresh pizza then lands on the customer's doorstep.

I just loaded a roll of film onto a development reel while I had food cooking. #photoyolo


I think that the "I can't use a camera that relies on batteries" rhetoric is my new favorite shit that analog photographers say.

Duluth Water

I had a dream last night where I kept drinking this really great tasting water. Couldn't get enough of it. Just chugging glass after glass of this water.

Then I woke up and realized I was in Duluth, and that meant that this great water from my dreams was available right around the corner from the bathroom sink. Got up and made the dream come true.

Selling Antique Cameras

Antique stores that keep their cameras for sale in a locked cabinet, with the camera case closed, and with the label tag not visible deserve to go under.

Typical Critiques

How is this photo worth $2,000,000? Subject is just standing there. My kid could take the same pic. #smh

Making Money From Photography

I really love it when people assume I make money off of photography.

Photographer Fights

My favorite point in every slapfight between photograhers over gear or technique is when one will go find the other's body of work. Then they decide that since the photos aren't the greatest thing to ever have been bestowed on the fine art world, that it proves they aren't qualified to talk about the gear or techique.

Fuck this tagging

This is not how you use film stock tags. #whichfilmisit

72 Frames

72 35mm Frames, 1 drum. #drumscanning

Deliver us from evil

When I was a kid and was taken to church every week, every time that The Lord's Prayer reached the "deliver us from evil" line I had a mental image of a Gremlin guarding a mailbox.


I drank a beer beofore 5pm. Guess my night has become just playing video games.


TODO comments in software programming are like the corpses of wishes.

Body in The Trunk

The moment when you realize that Elon Musk has the resources to murder someone, hide the body in a trunk, and then blast that trunk to Mars.

World Peace Via Advertisments

What if Kendall Jenner had delivered that Pepsi by driving up in a Dodge Ram? World Peace?

The Cloverfield Paradox

Cloverfield Paradox: Follows tradition by being nothing like any of the previous Cloverfield movies. Probably the weakest of the series, but also the weirdest and most whimsical. Fun. Reminded me a lot of movies from the early 1990s.

The worst I can do is say no.

Every listing on Craigslist is like "Make an offer. The worst I can do is say no."

Oh is it? Really? Even worse than say, getting so frustrated by the fifty-eighth God damned lowball offer that you falsely agree to the price, and then rage murder the buyer when they show up to pick up the item? IS THAT SOMEHOW NOT WORSE THAN SAYING NO? IS IT?!!

Box Problem

I've had this piece of darkroom gear I've been meaning to sell for years. Problem is nothing I order from Amazon ever comes in a large enough box to use for shipping it.

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