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T-1000's Younger Brother

I appreciate that if you are trying to remember who the lead singer of the band Filter is, Google makes sure to let you know that he is the T-1000's younger brother first and foremost.

Richard Patrick

Sex Porno

Whoever landed on my latest video by using the search term sex porno is going to have a bad time.


Fresh Portra vs Expired Portra

I found some sheets of 4x5 Portra 400 that had been unrefrigerated in a film holder since 2011. I Made the same exposure on it and on a fresh sheet. Here is the difference.

Drum Scanning Time Lapse

Here is a short time-lapse video of a drum scan I made last night.

Face of Chaos

For I have seen the face of chaos as I was at the Mesaba/Central Entrance intersection when the construction crew changed all the lights to blinking red. #dlh


"Nice Guy" & "Great Artist" Two things you should never self proclaim about yourself.

Unnecessary Panic

My favorite way to incite unnecessary panic in people is to just wait my turn behind them to use the one sink in the company breakroom.

Bug trapped in my film!

So one time I was scanning an 8x10 sheet of film and discovered that a mite or something was embedded into the film's emulsion.

Big trapped in film negative

I had a dream that I was elected president in 2020. Which came as a surprise as I wasn't even running for the position. But I knew it was real when I got moved into the White House and was told to register an account at on the old White House dial up computer.

Vintage Meme

Back in my day we only had one "meme" and it was "Mr. T ate my balls" and that was the way we liked it dagnabit!

Meat Tube

I just had a thought about how vocals in music are basically a meat-tube wind instrument and now my life is jacked.

Large Format Farthing

I like when people learn that I use a large format camera and then proceed to say I use a box camera. Kind of like finding out a bicycle racer uses a modern carbon fiber bike and then telling all your friends that they won their last race riding a penny-farthing.

Fine Art

Maybe 2018 should be the year I try to make Fine Art Dick Pics a thing?

Photo Credits

My favorite part about allowing blogs to use my photographs with attribution is when they inevitably skip the part where I request for my name to be linked to my website in the attribution. Its like if they actually offered payment, and then handed over Monopoly money.


So about the cloves label in this magnetic spice tin set I bought...


Olympus Stylus Epic Limited, Then and Now

Great moments in clairvoyance.

Olympus Stylus Epic, 2009

"How much are they worth? Will the value ever rise?"


Olympus Stylus Epic, 2018


Road Construction

Third day in a row that my commute took five minutes longer because I forgot about the road construction on my usual route. But I think that instead of blaming myself for not remembering to find an alternate route, it would be best if I went on Facebook to yell about how incompetent MNDOT is in that they can't somehow figure out how to plan the construction without affecting MY commute.

Great Moments In Selling Photographic Paper on Ebay

Some missing, and some with color damage, but most are in great condition. Total of 80; 68 are good and 12 have damage

Glass Hasselblad

"Is that a ..." (wait for it) "... Glasselblad?" #portmanteau #hasselblad

Glass Hasselblad
Glass Hasselblad
Glass Hasselblad

Slow Close Toilet Seats

The worst part about buying a slow close toilet seat? The ringing in your ears caused by the slamming sound made when you instinctively use the same force to close a non-slow closing seat in a different bathroom.

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