On YouTube's New Monetization Policy

This is why you should always live in some degree of panic if your entire income is derived from of other company's free to use platforms. While this change probably isn't going to take out anyone solely living off their YouTube revenue (I stand to lose about $/4 month), it serves as a reminder that if you don't own your own content on the web, it can be taken away or jerked within a heartbeat based on corporate whims.

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, 6SO, is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program on February 20, 2018 unless you surpass this threshold in the next 30 days. Accordingly, this email serves as 30 days notice that your YouTube Partner Program terms are terminated."

1/17/2018 9:26:48 AM


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