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Self Checkout Lanes

I don't think that putting "Fast Checkout" on the signs for the self-checkout lanes at grocery stores is very accurate. No way the average shopper is faster than the seasoned cashier who had many months or years experience ringing up items.

But then again, I also don't think that a more accurate "Introverts and people who are worried that our cashiers are silently judging you based on what you are purchasing checkout" would fit on the sign either.

Oatmeal Skills

One of my great skills in life appears to be buying instant oatmeal packets at a rate that far exceeds how fast I consume them.

Pee Doggies

When I was first introduced to pierogi as a boy, I thought they were called "Pee Doggies" and was really upset because that is just a terrible term for something you are expected to eat.

Titanic: Gritty Reboot

James Cameron's Titanic was released twenty years ago today. I say that enough time has passed for the gritty reboot to be made.

Otherwise I had a really great time.

This review of a local bar that I found on Google completes me.

I lost my NASCAR hat.


I bought this camera to one-up all my friends with limited edition Leicas, but I can't figure out how to make it take pictures. Help?


Microstock Pornography Dialog

I had a dream last night where the dialog for porno flicks was treated the same way as microstock photography. There were websites that people could upload their home recorded sound bites and dialogs for porn movies in hopes that eventually someone will buy them for a few dollars to use in a film.

How big is a pint of beer?

A couple at the bar just asked how big a pint of beer was and if they couple split it.

First Smashing Pumpkins Concert

I better scan this ticket stub to the first Smashing Pumpkins concert I ever went to before the ink completely fades away.

Smashing Pumpkins Ticket Stub, July 8th 1998

Step By Step Guide To Photography

  1. Hike up treacherous icy hill.
  2. Set up tripod.
  3. Remove camera from bag.
  4. Notice camera is missing the quick release plate for the tripod.
  5. Put camera back in the bag.
  6. Climb down treacherous icy hill.
  7. Go home.
  8. List all camera equipment on eBay.
  9. Profit

1-7 based on actual events that happened to me on 11/25/2017.

Why so cold?

Me: "Why is it so damn cold in my house?"
Me Again: "Oh yeah. Furnace programs thinks I'm at work right now."


Duluth debut. #dulbut

Drain The Swamp

In the future it will not be taught that the swamp was drained by Donald J. Trump's campaign promises, but collectively by the American women who have been wronged.

8x10 Negatives. 2015-2017

It took me a good five to six hours, but all of the 8x10 negatives I have shot over the past three years have been labeled, sorted, and stuck into a box. As opposed to the freeloading in random locations around my office where they have been.

8x10 Negatives. 2015-2017

Office Depot La Croix

Life Hack: You can buy La Croix at Office Depot.

You can buy La Croix at Office Depot

Duluth Street Repair Tax

Somewhere out there, a person who has spent the past decade creating their identity around being that person who only bitches about Duluth roads is trembling that the street repair tax will pass, and they will be left as a sad husk with nothing left to identify themselves with.

Microsoft Brutalism

Cool to see that Microsoft is adopting some brutalism design into their docs.

Microsoft Brutalism

Voter 69

I was voter #69 today. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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