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Most Likely To Become President - 1989

I'm formally announcing my 2020 presidential run, as it was foretold through the prophecies of elementary school awards.

Most Likely To Become President


Blaha rocking at Blush. Duluth, MN 10/28/17




Winter Catnip

Well. I guess my catnip growing season is over.

Catnip growing season is over.


Some dev at Auto Trader or Blue Book done screwed up.


Kind of bummed that work doesn't have a big old radiator pumping out heat that everyone can put their wet mittens on to dry.

Couldn't get car out of driveway. Thus, winter walk to work day!


They must have had really nice cameras back in the 1500s. This print is huge!

Giant Painting From the 1500s

Receiving a Facebook friend request from an older relative you are already friends with. 50/50 Spoofed Account/They lost their password.

Just received, a Nikkor-SW 90mm f/4.5 for a new photo-thingy I'm putting together.


Praise PHP

I just googled "praise PHP" and most of the images results are like this. #no

Praise PHP

Owning My Own Content

About a month ago I had this thought come to me about all the content I've given to Twitter and Facebook over the past decade. While those networks are great for delivering that content to other people to consume, something suddenly felt wrong about it only existing in their databases.

I did searches on the subject of owning my content and discovered that there is already a movement for just this idea over at Realizing that this wasn't a crackpot idea, I got to work modifying my website's CMS to not only have a blog, but also a micro-blog for all the little off the cuff thoughts that I usually would post straight to Twitter or Facebook.

Last night I finally launched the first version at, which merely displays the micro-blog notes, as well as allowing me to auto-publish them to Twitter. I want to get Facebook wired in as well in the near future.

But before I do that, my immediate goal is to import my Twitter history from 2009-2017, and then keep a curious eye on my analytics. What will 6000+ pieces of new content do to my organic traffic? Explode it from all sorts of new and weird long-tail rankings, or just tank my site due to too much short, possibly useless content?

RIP fall colors. #greatduluthwindstorm2017

Transitioning Into Management

Not only was he working as a programmer, he was a “Senior Developer” who was probably only a couple jobs away from transitioning into management.

Can we please stop with the notion that management is the end game for any given career path?

Via an article in Quora's daily picks email sent me today from the question "Is it true that there are some people working as programmer and don't really know how to code?" (link)

Film vs. Digital

I like when photographers slam how bad film is for photography after they compare that one roll they had printed at Wal-Greens against prints made with their $10,000 of equipment and post-processing experience that they have mastered over the past ten years.

The sky smells of winter tonight.

First POSSE'd post.

First tweet posted via my home-spun CMS! Boom! #indieweb #posse

Gaslighting isn't funny. Unless you are doing it to that annoying person who points out your new haircut like they are SHerlock Holmes.

"fine art photography -weddings" is my least favorite

The frequency that I need to add "-weddings" to my photography related searches is starting to get too high.

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