Notes - Page 6

"An asshole of glaciers." #collectivenouns

The big question on my mind: Will kneeling during the anthem make it into Madden 19?

"That tastes like what West Duluth smells like." #overheard #beer #dlh

"So what do you blog about?"
"The usual. Like how some cat piss led to me figuring out how to clean my bathtub."

Just a photographer trying to photograph a beheading.

When photographers talk to photographers about witnessing an execution.

Remember this spring when we found a bunch of color slides in a ditch?

I took a picture. #mamiya6 #portra400 #filmisnotdead

I want the next show by @GordonRamsay to be him yelling at places that appear on @WeWantPlates

I don't think this is a body, but it looks like a body.

Dear Hollywood,

When you have a character playing cello in your movie, you don't HAVE to pick Bach's Prelude 1 EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Life goal: To someday load in an exhibition and not have to run home to print a missing title card.

Today is the day that all bean answers might be revealed! #LifeisStrange #BeforetheStorm

Think we'll get any more backstory about Frank's love of beans in the Life Is Strange prequel? #BeforetheStorm

Shout out to @zosiablue for the best Game of Thrones autocorrect of the week. #GoT #Littledonger

High profile juried photo contest winner announced. Everyone agrees with the selection and no one starts bitching. #photographyfiction

Here is a list of character backstory questions that hopefully get answered during @LifeIsStrange: #BeforeTheStorm

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