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Transitioning Into Management

Not only was he working as a programmer, he was a “Senior Developer” who was probably only a couple jobs away from transitioning into management.

Can we please stop with the notion that management is the end game for any given career path?

Via an article in Quora's daily picks email sent me today from the question "Is it true that there are some people working as programmer and don't really know how to code?" (link)

Film vs. Digital

I like when photographers slam how bad film is for photography after they compare that one roll they had printed at Wal-Greens against prints made with their $10,000 of equipment and post-processing experience that they have mastered over the past ten years.

The sky smells of winter tonight.

First POSSE'd post.

First tweet posted via my home-spun CMS! Boom! #indieweb #posse

Gaslighting isn't funny. Unless you are doing it to that annoying person who points out your new haircut like they are SHerlock Holmes.

"fine art photography -weddings" is my least favorite

The frequency that I need to add "-weddings" to my photography related searches is starting to get too high.

Saw a man walking down 1st street vomiting apples all over as he walked. Had to make sure I wasn't at Bayfield's Apple Fest for a moment.

Just a photographer talking photography about beheadings.

I made a new instagram account for just my film photos. FOLLOW IT.

For fans of collective nouns.

I think that /r/seo is the most unintentionally funny sub on Reddit.

In case you've ever wondered about the collective noun for glaciers.

"An asshole of glaciers." #collectivenouns

The big question on my mind: Will kneeling during the anthem make it into Madden 19?

"That tastes like what West Duluth smells like." #overheard #beer #dlh

"So what do you blog about?"
"The usual. Like how some cat piss led to me figuring out how to clean my bathtub."

Just a photographer trying to photograph a beheading.

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