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You lost me at "tasteful nudes." #photography

New photographs are on my website! 📷 [06/26/2017] -

New photographs are on my website! 📷 [06/19/2017] -

LOL. WTF is up with this graphic?

I just published “Photographs Found In A Duluth Ditch†

You like 80s TV commercials? Then sit down and watch all the ads from a 1988 broadcast of A Very Brady Christmas.

New photographs are on my website! 📷 [06/10/2017] -

Joe talking about his #hgmf17 app. #Xamarin

New photographs are on my website! 📷 [06/05/2017] -

More free stuff! #dlh #dewluth

Five year anniversary. #ArtAWhirl @zenrhino

Pro Blog Tip: Want more comments? Write a list post and drown in comments about what a piece of shit you are for not including something.

I had a dream where @Microsoft brought Clippy back, but over sexualized it by giving Clippy a hot female body in a black miniskirt.

Last summer when I put on a street photography show.

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