Notes - Page 6

Saw a man walking down 1st street vomiting apples all over as he walked. Had to make sure I wasn't at Bayfield's Apple Fest for a moment.

Just a photographer talking photography about beheadings.

I made a new instagram account for just my film photos. FOLLOW IT.

For fans of collective nouns.

I think that /r/seo is the most unintentionally funny sub on Reddit.

In case you've ever wondered about the collective noun for glaciers.

"An asshole of glaciers." #collectivenouns

The big question on my mind: Will kneeling during the anthem make it into Madden 19?

"That tastes like what West Duluth smells like." #overheard #beer #dlh

"So what do you blog about?"
"The usual. Like how some cat piss led to me figuring out how to clean my bathtub."

Just a photographer trying to photograph a beheading.

When photographers talk to photographers about witnessing an execution.

Remember this spring when we found a bunch of color slides in a ditch?

I took a picture. #mamiya6 #portra400 #filmisnotdead

I want the next show by @GordonRamsay to be him yelling at places that appear on @WeWantPlates

I don't think this is a body, but it looks like a body.

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