Notes - Page 7

Five year anniversary. #ArtAWhirl @zenrhino

Pro Blog Tip: Want more comments? Write a list post and drown in comments about what a piece of shit you are for not including something.

I had a dream where @Microsoft brought Clippy back, but over sexualized it by giving Clippy a hot female body in a black miniskirt.

Last summer when I put on a street photography show.

Here is some old bike/camera/photography stuff on my blog.

Nothing really flags a satire news post as satire more than using proper creative commons attribution does.

"I'm never coming here again!" ~ woman walking the halls of Fitger's #dlh #overheard

"I was singing in an opera once and the crowd was going wild. Turns out my fly was open." ~ Bill Bastian #hgmf17

"This is the first time I've seen a line for the men's room."

Oh you summer child.


I should have brought the heavy duty earplugs for Enter/Void. #hgmf1

Crop dusters have struck The Barrel Room. #hgmf17

"Take cash under the table so you don't have to pay taxes. And speaking of cash, I'm going to go cash out a huge piss." #overheard #dlh

Lot of crop dusters this year. #hgmf17

Some toddler just clung to my leg. Does that mean he is mine now? #hgmf17

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