The winter of 2013-2014 ended up being the third the snowiest winter on record. The excessive amounts of snow that had built up on structures had started taking its toll. The canopy of the Greysolon Plaza being one of the snowfall's victims. And then in April, the snow claimed the canopy of this gas station along 6th avenue east.

It was actually a rather nice sunny spring day. I had decided to take advantage of the sun by going on a bike ride. I had only gotten a few blocks from where I was living when my phone rang. An actual phone call instead of just a text message! Weird how an actual call these days signals it is either something important, of a telemarketer.

I pulled over and checked the caller to in case it was something important. It was a friend of mine calling so I answered. He told me about this collapse that had happened. I turned the bike around, loaded my Wehman camera into my car and drove to the scene. No time to change out of my cycling clothes!

There was a man in the automobile when the canopy collapse. Luckily, he noticed it starting to lean and managed the slide his seat back out of the way before it hit and escaped with only minor injuries.