Infrared Flash Photography

During the summer of 2009 I set out to put together an invisible light camera which would allow me to shoot human subjects in dark places with a flash, and not stun them with the flash pulse. It took me a while to get the kinks worked out, but in the end I managed to modify an Olympus XA2 for this use.

If you are looking for examples of photographs taken with this technique, then head over to The Duluth Music Scene gallery, or the Christmas City Of The North Parade gallery to showcase the work I’ve created since completing the modifications to the Olympus XA2 and also with my infrared flash modified Leica M6

Since I first started publishing the infrared flashed photographs, almost all of the contact requests that I get (that aren't SEO service spam) are basically "Hi. I love the way those photographs look. Please tell me everything you did to make it work so I can take the exact same photographs. Thanks."

As far as the technical aspects go, I'm keeping my cards close and not answering these questions.

In the saturated world of modern photography, having done something unique is a weird feeling. It is also one I'm going hold onto for myself as long as I can instead of selling the secret by trying to monetize it via blog technique post.

I also make no claims to inventing this technique. I seen others doing it and refined it to my own needs through years of trial and error. Everything you need to know can be ressearched on the Internet.

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