Replying to comment by Antares on Olympus Trip 35 1/200th Modification.


I have two great Olympus Trips that I used to carry with me when flying Hang Gliding competitions in the 1980’s. We needed to photograph our turn points in the days before GPS loggers were available. After flying many kilometers, you could not afford flat or cold batteries, so these cameras were brilliant and robust. Freezing cold conditions, they always worked and I have many photographs taken from cloud base or in the mountains, operating with one hand on the camera. The second camera was for safety if the film was lost for some reason, or the camera failed to operate, which never happened. I am sure these O’Trip 35’s have been on many extreem exploration adventures as well, for the same reasons. Great to see they are still appreciated. My camera”s now sit in a glass display case with many other relics from my adventures.

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