Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Fast Food Item

Humans love to dress up, except that in our society, there usually needs to be a specific reason to dress up once a person gets beyond a certain age. Halloween, of course, is the easiest and most popular excuse to slap on both a RoboCop costume and 18th-century British soldier costume to go as Redcoat RoboCop.

Over the past decade, I've taken a slight fascination with how the adult desire to dress up as something fantastic has been busting past the seems of Halloween. Of course, this often comes in a not so great cultural appropriation form of what we see on Cinco-de-Mayo and the annual controversy over what gets worn at Coachella.

I've also noticed certain other events are becoming more and more costume appropriate, but you got to suffer a little to justify it.

Polar plunges seem to be now an appropriate place to wear a costume, but, you are going to suffer once that costume gets soaked with near-freezing water and keeps it good and close to your skin.

Costumed Running

The other major player in costume suffering is any form of running event from 5ks to marathons.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man & Ghostbuster, 5k 2011
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man & Ghostbuster, 5k 2011

I hadn't realized how deep down the rabbit hole we've come regarding running in costumes until very recently. The other weekend was the 43rd Grandma's Marathon. And as I sometimes do when it is in town, I'll go and observe it with my camera in tow.

I don't often take many photos of the runners themselves and tend to focus mostly on the spectacle that all the other observers create for the event. But I usually snap a few photographs of random runners, such as this one from this year of a woman dressed as a hot dog.

Running Hot Dog, Duluth, Minnesota, June 2019

What I learned later after scanning and posting the photo on my Instagram, is that what I actually have captured is a new Guinness World Records record-setting run of Fastest marathon dressed as a fast food item (female).

Yes. There is a world record category for running a marathon dressed as a hot dog.

I've also immediately realized that there is a plethora of Guinness World Records that can be set in the running world if you decide you want to combine your marathon with Halloween. Here are a few I've found so far by going down the related records rabbit hole.

  • Fastest marathon dressed as a nun
  • Fastest marathon dressed as Elvis
  • Fastest marathon wearing imitation chainmail
  • Fastest marathon wearing chainmail
  • Fastest marathon in cricket uniform
  • Fastest marathon wearing riot gear
  • Fastest marathon in scout uniform
  • Fastest marathon dressed in a police uniform
  • Fastest marathon in a Kung Fu uniform
  • Fastest marathon in an animal costume
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a witch
  • Fastest half marathon dressed as a gingerbread man
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a Mr. Potato Head
  • et. al.

In conclusion

  1. What a time to be alive.
  2. At this point, I'm assuming that I could train enough to barely finish a marathon and get my name in the books as Fastest marathon dressed as a Redcoat RoboCop.

Or maybe I can get a category created for Most medium format film photographs taken during a marathon dressed as a fast food item?