So I was out shooting my RB67 one day...

Hand holding a Mamiya RB67

The following is a paraphrasing of a conversation I had with another photographer regarding the Mamiya RB67 that I was shooting with hand held at the starting line of the 2010 John Beargrease sled dog marathon.

Him: Are you a professional?
Me: No. Just an amateur shooting for himself.
Some small talk goes by.
Him: So how many is it? 15? 18?
Me: 20. (assuming he was asking how many exposures. I had a 220 back on the camera at the time.)
Him: Eyes get bigger
Me: Wait. Were you asking about exposures, or cost?
Him: Cost.
Me: Oh! Only about $300.
Him: More large eyes
A moment of silence goes by.
Him: Is that a film camera?

The other photographer apparently assumed I was walking around in ten degree weather with a $20,000 digital medium format camera. If only I was as wealthy as Tyra Banks. If only.

Tyra Banks With Digital Hasselblad


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